An Unparalleled approach to motor design and manufacturing

What distinguishes Shinano ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd., isnít one attribute over another, but the total approach to motor design and manufacturing. We meet every job, every opportunity, and every challenge with a total solutions methodology. That approach, combined with Motion Control Systems technology and engineering skills, allows us to develop and build a complete solution Ė allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.

The resources and people to meet any challenge

With modern and highly capitalized facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America, we meet challenges other companies canít even consider. Such resources enable our people to devise solutions to difficult problems related to design, manufacture, delivery and logistics. Though Motion Control Systems offers the vast resources of a global leader, we also offer the kind of careful attention to detail that gives our customers a level of service they canít find anywhere else.

Taking customization to new levels

Our vertical integration of design and production make it possible to provide innovative custom assembly solutions to all of our customers. Motion Control Systems professionals have a command of highly complex technologies based on generations of mechanical, electrical, software, and electro-mechanical experience, including proprietary intellectual processes in motor manufacturing and assembly.

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