Shinano ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd., emphasizes technical competence in all that we do. A very high ratio of employees with technical degrees and advanced degrees in engineering and related fields allows us to excel in the technical development of our products and those of our customers.

What makes this especially relevant is that our engineers are able to see the total picture. Their vision and capability allows us to offer you more options and solutions that solve the complex design challenges routinely found in today’s motor modules and sub-assemblies. No other company in our industry brings as much skill and collaboration.

Brushless Motors

Shinano ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd., global capabilities and wide range of high quality brushless DC motors will meet a wide variety of your needs today and for the future.

Unique materials, bearing structures and advanced magnetic and lamination designs allow our motors to run at speeds as high as 45,000 rpm, achieve high efficiency levels, low weight, and realize industry-best positional accuracy and noise levels. We can also package them with fan and impeller blades, drive and control electronics, a variety of component parts and can supply as complete module assemblies.

Stepper Motors

Motion Control Systems leverages our new high performing motors to produce custom and semi-custom designs with wide performance variations in a timely manner — typically offering samples with lead times of just 1 to 3 weeks.

Motion Control Systems stepper motors come in a variety of NEMA sizes, many motor heights and in all key step angles. They can be wound in both uni- and bi-polar configurations and be driven by various drive systems including micro-stepping, chopper and constant voltage.

Servo Motors

We offer servo motors in a NEMA 23 chassis size that can be manipulated to provide various levels of output power. They are available in 40-, 80- and 100-Watt configurations with 24 VDC and 75 VDC versions available in 40 or 80 Watts. Our servo motors are rated at 3,000 rpm with various torque ranges are available. And a highly skilled staff is always available to support your servo motor needs.

Custom Assemblies

Custom Assemblies are a reflection Shinano ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd., culture, engineering skill and commitment to exceptional service. Providing you with a more complete, customized solution not only requires a lot of knowledge but demonstrates our determination to do more for customers.

In contrast to many of our competitors, we offer design solutions that involve a wide variety of products including gears, pulleys, brackets, worm gears, custom wire harnesses, special brackets and many other associated components.

Custom Engineering

We are committed to creating collaborative partnerships with our customers’ engineering teams and will co-locate at their facilities, share our mobile laboratory and even test products for verification and reliability in concert with them.

Motion Control Systems has R&D centers in both Japan and China and over 350 design engineers to poised to assist our customers and to help develop new products. We also develop futuristic technologies that allow us to roadmap solutions that keep pace with, and often exceed, the needs of our customers.

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