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Our Motion control solutions help create new value that are attractive and impressive:

Always listening to our customer’s voices and looking steps beyond fast-changing times.. these have been our core prerequisites during business development activities to fully meet customer demands for “greater comfort,” “greater efficiency” and “greater ease of use, “Shinano Kenshi makes solution proposals by fully utilizing its comprehensive motion control technology.

As a solution partner, Shinano Kenshi stands ready to help our customers in matters related to the product development, production or administration and in various aspects of daily life. Shinano Kenshi proposes a diverse range of solution to help create new value that are both attractive and impressive.

Creating a new century of manufacturing- hand –in-hand with our customers:

Our era is undergoing a dramatic transition in the way manufacturing endeavors are undertaken. To respond quickly to this change, Shinano Kenshi wishes to contribute to our customers in the world of motion control- an industrial field that demands thorough pursuit of “Motion”. Our motto, “New Ideasa in Motion,” encourages us to do the utmost in order to give concrete shape to new functions and conveniences needed in various scenarios of our modern society and daily lives. At Shinano Kenshi, everything is for the sole purpose of serving our customers with innovative solutions.

We commit to creating a new century of manufacturing with our proprietary motion control technology. Shinano Kenshi will continue to take on challenges by living up to its motto, “New Ideas in Motion”.

Solution proposals by Shinano Kenshi:

Provinding comfort and efficiency for people:
Our motor solution help provide comfort and efficiency for people, catering to industries ranging from consumer electronics. Office automation equipment and housing equipment to automotive equipment.

Solving difficulties at R&D and production site:
We attentively respond to customer demands for small-lot-production of motors with short lead times for trial manufacture of production equipment, as well as original Design Manufacture (ODM) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).

Facilitating “enhanced motion visualization”:
We contribute to customers ‘business efficiency in diverse fields such as motion visualization analysis, drive recording and vehicle operation management, where “enhanced motion visualization” is the increasing requirement.

Partner working in welfare and medical care:
We develop and produce a variety of assistive technology products to allow those with visual or hearing impairments to participate in society and lead a self-reliant life. Web help provide medical benefits to people and also help labs better analyze patient data.

Environmental initiatives:
We are pursuing an active course with respect to the environment. Shinano Kenshi’s environmental conservation initiatives include a development philosophy that includes concerns for eco-friendly products. Energy savings and green procurement to zero emission goal..

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