Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSRs)

1) Environmental Conservation Activities :

With an ongoing basis, the company pursues initiatives related to environmental preservation, Eco-friendly designed products delivered with zero emission are current goals initiatives within our company, In addition, Shinano Kenshi is supporting several energy-saving endeavors. In addition our employees volunteer in environmental activities for local communities in which Shinano Kenshi is represented.

2) Support of the Physically Challenged :

For more than ten years, Shinano Kenshi has been providing support to the visually-impaired through the development and delivery of “Plextalk”- a DAISY- based mobile talking book player with enhanced usability. This initiative has been welcomed as a contribution to a better quality of life for the visually-impaired.

3) Support of Child Rearing :

To ensure diversity I employment and to enhance the quality of family life, we promote a balance in working life and support parents’ child rearing in collaboration with a local NPO. These sound and positive activities are highly rated by society as an “enterprise promoting balance and compatibility between work and family life” and were recently commended by the Health, Labor & Welfare Minister.

4) D) Contributions to local Communities :

As part of our contribution to fostering the next generation, Shinano Kenshi employees visit local technical high schools where a “delivery service is provided to a classroom. In these visits, students can enjoy a hands-on technical experience program. This “delivery service” has taken root among many interested students.

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